Who We Are

Our Mission:

To provide quality education for children in DC metro and Prince George’s County neighborhoods of greatest need. We accomplish this through intentional programs, caring staff, and excellent relationships with housing and educational facilities in the metro DC area.

The Vision:

The name ‘City Gate’ expresses a distinctive concept that shapes our mission.  In the ancient world, the city gate was more than a physical entrance to the city.  It was the place people gathered to address community needs, where strangers received hospitality, and where widows, orphans, and the poor were to receive justice. It was a grassroots institution to insure the inclusion of the poor, the vulnerable, and the stranger in the life and benefits of the larger community – a need that has become only more profound in modern urban life.  


City Gate began with 50 children and a single program site in 2000, and within two years had quadrupled participation, utilizing multiple venues. An additional major organizational expansion occurred in 2003 when City Gate assumed management of the Johenning Baptist Community Center (JBCC) in Southeast DC when it faced closure due to a loss of funding. We were able to keep the Center open and expand its services through a one-year federal Capital Compassion Fund mini-grant for capacity building (less than 40 awarded nationally in the 2003 awards), and by bringing in an alternative school to share facility costs at the Center. A key component in our ongoing effectiveness has been collaboration with other community and religious organizations to leverage resources and to identify and respond to grassroots needs.

Download Brochure

Click the image to view and download our  brochure PDF.

Click the image to view and download our
brochure PDF.